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    Amelan by Kruling



    Amelan® by Krulig is the best known and effective worldwide skin depigmentation system of skin blemishes. It has been created by Dr. Eduardo Krulig, Venezuelan Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, of Polish origin, result of several years of research. Amelan® by Krulig was the first system in which seven active principles were integrated in a single active depigmenting formula, (1985-1990) which was a novelty in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation of melanic origin.

    Amelan® by Krulig acts for 3 mechanisms of action:

    1. It blocks Tyrosinase.
    2. Inhibits oxidation.
    3. Interferes the transfer of melanin from the melanosomes to the melanocyte therefore not allowing the arrival of the pigment to the surface layers of the epidermis and dermis.

    The rapidity of action and the effectiveness of Amelan® by Krulig make it the most used worldwide depigmentation treatment and preferred by doctors.

    In Laboratorios Amelan by Krulig we develop, produce and market innovative products, created and formulated by Dr. Eduardo Krulig with a personal experience of over 25 years and the family tradition of over 60 years in the cosmetic field, designed to provide solutions in daily practice of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Medicine, in solving problems such as skin blemishes, aging skin, acne lesions, scars and skin renewal damaged by sun exposition and chronological factor.

    Laboratorios Krulig is the site of production of the most modern working tools for the modern physician who specializes in the medical and aesthetic beautification field, using the latest technology, meeting the highest standards of quality, one of the most modern laboratories in Europe.

    Laboratorios Krulig aims to meet the requirements and needs of physicians in their daily practice and patients who use our products based on continuous research of Dr. Eduardo Krulig as the Director of our Department of Research & Development & Innovation, and his over 25 years experience in this field.

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