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  • Our Products


    Trust is a value developed throughhout the years while building good mutual relationships. ASTAR works on it since 1995, constantly broadening its experience in designing the highest quality medical equipment. That our products and services meet all the expectations for us is the matter for pride and an impulse for constant growth in this area. In addition, we continue to adhere to the highest standarts, analysing the quality of our devices, both at the designing stage and during postproduction tests.

    The domain of ASTAR is the manufacture of devices for electrotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, light therapy, vacum therapy and shockwave therapy.

    At the designing and manufacturing stages, the foundation is the thorough knowledge of the specialists engaged by ASTAR. It is a team of experts constantly extending their expertise and analysing every detail of the devices they design. Their dedication entails constant search for new solutiond to raise the comfort of ASTAR equipment operation and optimise the effects of the therapies.

    We operate on numerous markets outside Poland. Our products are known and appreciated in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

    An important sign of our effective work is the awards received from sector experts that have recognized ASTAR products on numerous occasions. We were rewarded as the ''Gold Quality of the Year'' in the Quality Promotion Programme and with the Business Gazelle in 2010 and 2014.


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