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  • Our Products



     MEDIKORS Inc. (CEO: Gillian Yoon) is a medical company based on the enterprise goal to be the world’s first leader in Korea as well as other countries around the world by putting in unremitting studies and efforts on developing technology.

    As the slogan "technology makes life" represents, we are a company with reliable dream of looking for ways for the high-tech to contribute to the lives of people and we promise to leap into the first leader of comprehensive medical device.


    At MEDIKORS Inc., over 30% of the staff are researchers. As a technology-oriented company, we have been conduction various national R&D projects.

    MEDIKORS unveils the 64 channels & the innovative open bottom designed 'InAlyzer AIR'.

    InAlyzer AIR is the DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Fan Beam technology that realize the high resolution by 64 channels and the unique design is for Premium line's bone densitometry. It has low height for elder patients and speed of scan time is aprox. 30 sec. to reduce patients and operators' inconveniences. The result of Bone Mineral Density can be shown with high resolution image.


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