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  • Our Products





    Company introduction


    MEINNTECH has been in the medical device manufacturing field since 2001 and is a company specializes in developing and manufacturing the medical device and its disposables. MEINNTECH developed ANYFUSION - Cylinder pump with our own technology that solved medical accident of free flow, accidental bolus, inadvertent bolus, siphoning phenomenon, etc. that lasted over 60 years with conventional pumps. We also have developed one hand controllable IV flow controller called EZ REGULAR, and this new product helped great degree in domestic medical market where they have depended on products from overseas and also this product became a global product as well.



    Main Item


    1.           ANYFUSION® - V100ANYFUSION is the product combining syringe and infusion pump into one unit - Cylinder pump that solved problems of accidental bolus, free flow, inadvertent bolus, siphoning phenomenon etc. that lasted for over 60 years due to the technical limitation by using rotary motion of pistons on the contrary to direct motion; and capable of medicine injection such as contrast medium with continuous accuracy and precise volume control. Moreover, the cylinder cartridge maintains high accuracy within ±2% deviation for long period without replacing the cartridge for 3days, thus reduces unnecessary in use that distress for users; and increases optimization of and convenience of application in use as the device is not affected by gravity nor its location with advantage of own mechanism.



    2.           EZ REGULAR®EZ REGULAR is the product that can administrate fluidic medication safely and adequately. It is designed to deliver designated volume of fluidic medicine more efficiently in accurate manner. Controlling by adjuster of regulator, EZ REGULAR can deliver designated volume of medication accordingly, maximize the ideal drug effects and also prevents over-dosage.


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