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     Nanogen is primary a hair research organization employing professional pharmacologist, biochemist and cosmetic scientist. Nanogen researchers collaborate with universities and research foundations worldwide, on issues as diverse a genetic testing for hair loss, to new surgical procedures.

    The primary focus for Nanogen is delivering cutting edge technology to their customers. During the last several years, research has centered around four core technologies which are now incorporated across the Nanogen range.

    Nanogen are utilizing cutting-edge technology to create growth factors identical to the ones that maintain hair growth, and delay the death and falling out of hair. These growth factors function exactly as to human ones, but are derived from plants so are uniquely safe, and ethical to use.

    Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres are subject to three patents pending. The container is designed to create 400% more charge than any other product and therefore the strongest bonding possible. The fibres are coated with unique coating, allowing the fibre to become dipolar charged with creates the best, most reliable hair thickening effect.

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