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  • Our Products

    Perlove Medical

    Perlove Medical is a large scale influential manufacturer of medical equipment in China.

    We are a group of company with overseas headquarter Nanjing Perlove in Eastern China.

    With years of development, Perlove Medical has found typical corporate culture which is exactly embodied in the name of our headquarter company’s name Perlove.


    P-Production Capability: Ther are Four branchesunder the group with wide product range. Our production line includes imaging system and related instruments, ventilators, anaesthesia systems, patient monitor,and veterinary products.

    E-Expertise: This history of perlove Medical can be tracked back to 2003.

    Years of efforts and hardworking in research and development of medical equipment has achieved remarkable results.

    R- Responsible and reliable: In order to establish sustainable business relationship with our customers Perlove medical values its reputation in medical industry and we provide responsible and reliable after sales services to customers.

    Love- our working principle:  As a culture of Perlove Medical we respect human’s life and health. Our major idea of designing is to provide safe medical devices with perfect functions, In the year 2016, Perlove medicals was awarded by UNDP for the project of 9 units Ceiling suspended DR X-ray Machine in Sudan. This is the first Digital X-ray machine assistance project processed by UNDP to the Federal Ministry of Health Sudan. “Perlove , world of love “ moving on!

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